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Nationality: American
Date of birth: 12 march,
Birthplace: Atlantic sky, TWA flight
Paternity: unfamiliar
Maternity: interpreter of Hong Kong
Hair: blond
Eyes: oriental shaped
Complexion: amber
Height: 1,78
School: primary school
Languages: 10 (english, french, spanish, portuguese, italian, german, chinese, russian, arab, latin american)

DUBAT, oriental shaped eyes, full lips and breasts, blonde hair, dark skin, manly behind on long legs covered with black boots, dressed in a tank top and shorts made of bronze metallic rectangles.
The belly button is exposed.

DUBAT lives and moves around in her home-museum, semicircular, with big windows, giant screens on the walls that show I sequence the nicest men inspired sculptural masterpieces. All artists from the past from Prassitele to Michelangelo, from Bernini to Canova. In the middle of the living room, a copy of ermafrodite ( the double nature is the provocative erotic game of Dubat, it leads men and women to a risky game, as they desire to free themselves of fantasies and inhibitions, that Dubat makes real with great talent. The object of their desires and requests are the sculptures shown on the screens, for example, Carlo V D'Asburgo del Leon, the frustrations lived become violence and sadism, for the winner the humiliation of the loser, pleasure and joy for the winner. Ratto di proserpina by Bernini, the passion, jealousy, love that becomes hate, violence, destruction and death. Ercules e Diomede by V. di Rossi, competition, struggle exhibitionism and all this till the end of times.

DUBAT helps makes come true and comforts, the shy, who's bored, unsatisfied or whoever else has problems, but above all makes true every perversity of men, so that it does not appear in society, taking its toll on the weak and those who cannot defend themselves .

DUBAT a Joan of Arc of our times



The forest is protected by four characters, a beautiful teenager loved by everyone, golden butterfly, and irresistibly funny spider, Gicopazzo, a super-fast and never tired mosquito , Cistilla, and a true force of nature, Centobracci. They live in the forest and are funny, strong, charismatic, smart and imaginative, together they fight nature's worst enemy: mankind. It's an unfair and never ending struggle, mankind can use big machines and infinite technology, on the other side, the four friends have only their intelligence and nature's secrets and goods available, come up with thousands of tricks, always being able to win over men, who on the other hand keeps stubbornly his plans of selfishness and destruction.


Beautiful teenager, blue eyes, golden hair and wings, she's the sweet queen of the forest, loved by everyone and surrounded by her three friends, together they fight to defend nature .



Funny spider, black round top with bangs as a hat, two red eyes and shiny hair that make him immediately likable, able to spin webs in a thousand different ways with the widest range of materials, making it impossible to everyone to escape.


Vegetable creature, big eyes and long ears, on a long body with one hundred arms. Strong and whiny, it camouflages in hundreds of different ways and it's invisible to men. He's able to achieve everything, thanks to his bravery, strength and intelligence. In the forest everyone feels safe and protected near it.



Mosquito, a body made of spheres, always on the move, it never sleeps. Super-fast, her take offs are a show to be seen, her bites cover it all, anesthetic, tossic, numbing. A real pain for mankind.

Skinny body with sticky bones, hair shaved on three sides, a big ring on the nose, big teeth, personalized jersey, jock strap , tubular tight socks, scary look, a true pain for every player and team .

Idolized by the fans, in making a bad situation good, for example: lack of will, inadequacy, distractions, being scared by the opponents attacks. Usually the coach lets him in the field in the last part of the game, pressuring the team, but above all his attention is for the lazy champions or champion, the lazy ones , not as succesfull, but with KK onto them , everything changes as magic.

Nothing is forbidden, fast as lightning , tricky moves, reserved for the champion are invisible to referees, his knee and elbow hits hit every part of the body, take the breath away, the blows with square shoes, are like rocks, with the tight socks, ties the adversary's leg, dragging him all over the field, making him spit blood. On top of that he provokes: “ You've got no balloons, I'm gonna squash your balloons”, “ underdeveloped, go nurse on your mom's breast”. “Take this knee blow” are his kindest words.

The results are immediate, the champion and team under pressure, don't feel unmotivated anymore, they aren't distracted by their super contracts or by other issues or by made up physical problems. His help becomes important and invaluable, making millions of fans happy. As the fans are so satisfied, they will not cause any more incidents in the stadiums.

Dabliu Kappa other than making unsatisfied fans happy, is ironic and jokes, making less serious the issues that surround the world of soccer




The toad HARD TOAD, is fat and ugly, but the only dude, never tired, seducer of all the poor unsatisfied females in the farm ( little chicks, bunnies, kittens, female puppies and piggies), forced to direct their sexual desires to the only willing male left: Hard Toad. The males in the farm, forced by their owners into an unimaginable modern life, for absurdity, craziness, idiocy, that includes their names: Dubai the cat, Chicago the dog, Dublin the rooster, Giacarta the rabbit, Perth the pig. They find themselves in a fast, desperate and alienating way of life, against nature in its functions, in a whirlwind of activities, jobs and roles completely out of line. In the crazy farm, the animals find a positive awareness with funny interaction between themselves, with sarcasm.

Hard-Toad, thanks to indifference of the men is free to roam around the farm and observe the tricks and transformations that the poor animals go through, so to find out, incredibly, to be the only true authentic Male, wanted, courted by all the available females always ready. As he walks through the farm, the females go crazy, smooth walk, sexy, secure, singing the irresistible tune with a deep powerful voice (like Barry White's) “ under my heart there is…yes there is….is all for you!”(alluding penis).

After Hard Toad's work, the females all satisfied and fulfilled, hug each other singing and dancing like this: “ it is….it is….suuure it is………right it is……it is all here… issss!”

The cat Dubai , for his owner's fanatic obsession with Ferraris, has an entire room available, with posters on the walls, mini track, giant screen, giant simulation GP , a small scale collection of vintage Ferraris. Dubai has absorbed so well his owner's passion, that he has become completely obsessed by it. He sleeps on red Ferrari pillows, wake up call consisting of loud engine noises, toothbrush, robe, toilet paper even nail with the inseparable hat and watch, everything Ferrari red. Only one cd in his playstation, “Mice chase on a Ferrari”. Nightly happy hour, everything exclusively Ferrari, cocktail included.He only falls asleep listening to engines roaring. A complete love, where there's no room for anybody else, not even the kittens, the friend sin the farm are so fed up that they nicknamed him Du-bal.

The dog Chicago , thanks to its owner's stinginess and sadness, is a goldmine, there's no beauty pageant, tv show, movie or commercial that doesn't feature him. It's a constant of work dates that start in the morning, 8am, breakfast coconut milk and a teaspoon of honey, 9am gym, 10am massage and Jacuzzi, 11am hairstylist, 12 pm part in tv show, 2pm luch with the dietician, 3pm commercial, 5pm accessories runway show, 7 pm psychiatrist appointment, together with the crazy owner. The frenetic lifestyle have completely stressed him out, causing hid complete impotence. The timid tries to rebel, immediately made vain by the threats of being abandoned in a research institute, with the destruction of the will in his favor as well. Chicago is so depressed, that he envies stray dogs. Every night when he gets back to the farm is so tired and exhausted that he doesn't have the strength to say hi to his friends, that are jealous to see him coming and going always elegant, clean, taken care of, so to name him : Schic-cago-none..

The rooster Dublino, manly look, strong, proud of his beautiful voice as he alternates modern and classical styles, making all the little adoring chicks crazy, he's forced too sing with no interruption all day, under threat of being killed, because the owner cannot stand the silence of the farm. The horror of losing its voice and to always look good, he avoids every contact with the chicks, so he doesn't waist any energy and stays seductive, but all this doesn't stop him from becoming in the end homosexual. Dublino is very good at hiding the truth, as what you would think of somebody with a deep, manly strng voice, without forgetting all the seductiveness and courting and romanticism he displays. In the farm everybody knows everything, nothing goes by without somebody noticing, the friends cannot find a better nickname that: Double-face.

The Rabbit Giacarta, is subject to uncontrollable tics and stutters, with an early ejaculation that stops him from having relations. These problems are caused by the cruelty of the owner, who forces the poor one to smell human urine, so that he can send them to a lab for pathologic research, followed by an eating regime made or carotene capsules that make his hair Yellow-orange. Every time the owner arrives with the vials for the urine and the capsules to chew on, it's a comical fight, with insults, threats, pressure on both sides, with the rabbit never losing, making up tricks and ways to stop the endless evilness. The friends in the farm , try to be friendly, and make it easier, thinking that the rabbit has had the worst faith of all, but all good deeds don't last, his nickname: Gia'-carta.

The pig Perth, is a funny, happy and available, he would be the perfect male, but the cinic way of fattening him, with hormones and cancer causing food, have made him sexually ermaphrodite and pretty much blind. He cannot see well anything, confusing everyone and everything, making a big mess all over the farm. The hormones give him a big sexual charge, the first victim is the owner, when he shows up to feed him he tries to come on to him. As he roams through the farm he hits everything that comes across him, different tools, flops his cheeks on haystacks and tries to mate. Free fun for the friends, so entertained to give him the nickname : Perth.